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Austin, TX
Marijuana in Austin is primarily brought in from Mexico. more...

Dallas, TX
Marijuana: ounce $65 Ecstasy: tab $15-$20 LSD: tab $8-$12 Meth: gram $80-$100 Cocaine: gram $60-$80 Hooker: hour $150-$200

Houston, TX
Marijuana: 1/8 $60 Medium quality Cocaine: 8 ball $100 Ecstasy: tab $20 Acid: Dose $5-15 more...

Indianapolis, IN
Blowjob: $15

Los Angeles, CA
Cocaine: gram $40 Ecstasy: $20 a hit more...

Minneapolis, MN
Marijuana: Ounce $350 Mushrooms: Ounce $150 more...

Ok, here come the Minnesota prices. From a highschool student. I don't know the terms all of you use so I'm going with what we use here. more...

Newark, NJ
Marijuana: 1/4 ounce $60.00

Phoenix, AZ
Marijuana 1/4 Fine Bud $100 more...

San Francisco, CA
Marijuana tends to run a little higher in San Francisco, but the size is usually a full eighth of seedless green buds. The government crackdown on growing clubs has made it only slightly less hard to find. more...

Seattle, WA
Marijuana: 1/8 $40 marijuana: Nice quality 1/4 $100

Syracuse, NY
Well this is NorthEast. This is the business I do. But again this is all freinds and being in the bizz for a few years. 180-200 ounces 90-120 Halves 60-70 Quaters 30-40 eights When I get incredible name brand stuff. 300 Ounce 150 Half 90 quarter 50 eighth But that's some gangsta shit.

Tupelo, MS
Marijuana in Mississippi is considered low quality and its hard to find. more...

Washington, DC
The latest street prices for the things that keep the US Capital humming along. more...


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