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Prices of various sleazy activities around the world.

Toronto, Ontario
An 8 ball of cocaine is running $200-$220 Canadian in Ontario.

Washington, DC
The latest street prices for the things that keep the US Capital humming along. more...

Austin, TX
Marijuana in Austin is primarily brought in from Mexico. more...

Ok, here come the Minnesota prices. From a highschool student. I don't know the terms all of you use so I'm going with what we use here. more...

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
Most call girls are more liberal than girls from other places, but everything must be negotiated before hand. more...

Camden, UK
Marijuana: ounce 80.00 Cocaine: gram 60.00 Crack Cocaine: rock 21.00 Heroin: gram 63.00 Ecstasy: dose 7.00 LSD: dose 4.00 more...

Utrecht, NL

Dallas, TX
Marijuana: ounce $65 Ecstasy: tab $15-$20 LSD: tab $8-$12 Meth: gram $80-$100 Cocaine: gram $60-$80 Hooker: hour $150-$200

Tupelo, MS
Marijuana in Mississippi is considered low quality and its hard to find. more...

Houston, TX
Marijuana: 1/8 $60 Medium quality Cocaine: 8 ball $100 Ecstasy: tab $20 Acid: Dose $5-15 more...


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