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Sleazy Avatars

How Does This Work?

Using an Avatar in a Discussion Group

A quick tutorial on how to use an image as your avatar.

  1. Select an image you like:
    You know you like Wally!
  2. Click on the text area below the image:

  3. Copy the code in the text trea: (CTRL+C or APPLE+C)
  4. Go to the Web site where you want to use the avatar and paste the code to into your Avatar Control Panel. If you need help, ask your discussion group admin for more details.

Or you can also right-click the image and "Save As:" to your hard drive.

MySpace Users:
You can also copy the code and paste it into other sites such as MySpace.

More Images Available:
If you cannot find the image you are looking for, check some of the links on our Web site that may lead to better images.

Have fun.

Saving Images to a Cell Phone

A quick tutorial on how to save an image for free to your cell phone and even make it into a wallpaper. It doesn't take any special skills, it doesn't cost anything. Just ALT+CLICK on an image and follow a few quick steps.

How do I get a picture to my phone?

  • Select an image you like.
  • ALT-CLICK on the image.
  • Follow the link.
  • Once the picture you have selected is optimized for your cell phone, you get the unique 8-digit image code. The image download process involves using the WAP browser on your cell phone to access the Pix2Fone WAP site and enter this image code when asked. Optionally, you can send direct image download link to your cell phone as SMS (thus no typing on the phone's keypad needed).

Note: The WAP (mobile web access) is absolutely necessary to use our service. Check with your wireless carrier support if you have WAP included in your service plan. The exact details of using your cell phone's WAP browser varies from phone to phone; we therefore suggest that you consult your cell phone's manual.

Does this cost money to use?
No. This is 100% free to use and there is no need for any registration. Your wireless carrier may charge you to use WAP access, depending on your plan. The good news is that you will need very little WAP traffic. Downloading an average picture to your cell phone will cost about 1-3 cents on most wireless carriers. Try and see what happens. Live a little.

Can I save animated graphics to my phone?
Not yet. Such graphics are distributed as animated GIF files; and currently it only works with JPEG (.jpg) images (photos). Probably animated graphics support will be added in the future.

Is it safe to use This Service?
Absolutely. We use a browser extension for MS Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox browsers does not contain any adware, spyware, viruses etc. It was scanned, tested, approved and listed in many trusted software directories.

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